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We use our deep experience in a number of industries to provide a full range of business, technical and operational solutions tailored to the unique challenges and aspects of your company.


The banking industry faces challenges such as ever increasing cyber attacks, complex regulatory requirements, and outdated core IT systems. Whether it be assistance with strategic direction, cyber services, or legacy system transformation, APS offers solutions to support your business needs, goals and objectives.


Lingering effects from the financial crisis and technological change present challenges to continued growth for the insurance industry. APS understands these challenges and is positioned with its solution set to help you navigate these waters. In addition, cyber insurance is a growth opportunity for insurers and APS offers unique solutions in this area to support that growth.


APS has worked with investment management firms for years on everything from strategic roadmaps, product & service strategy, user experience definition, web & mobile development, data analytics, legacy system transformation, and program & project management. Let us show you how our vast experience and understanding in this industry can benefit your company.

Wealth Management & Advisors

Protecting your client's confidential information while offering distinctive products is of utmost importance to maintaining a relationship of trust. APS offers cyber solutions to safeguard your client's information while being able to work with you to expand your product & service offering to grow your business.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare is one of the top cyber attack targets and the financial & reputational penalties for comprised PHI are high. At the same the push for more digital transformation in this industry to keep up with regulations and patient needs is increasing. APS' in-depth knowledge & experience in this space allows us to offer a full range of unique solutions to meet your complex needs.

Pharmaceutical Firms

Your website and brand are of critical importance to your reputation and business. Clients rely upon being able to easily find accurate & reliable information about your products to make important medical decisions. APS offers cyber & brand identity protection solutions to help ensure others are not maliciously using your brand to profit off your clients & intellectual property.

Associations & Memberships

Members turn to you for the benefits & value you provide and in doing so share with you personal & confidential information about themselves. APS provides solutions to assist in safeguarding your members' private information as well as benefit programs that you can offer members to help grow your business.

Employee Benefits

All companies need to gather personal information about their employees to provide them with the benefits they offer. The challenge is safeguarding that information. APS provides in-depth services and references for every phase in the cyber risk continuum to assist with protecting your employees' sensitive information as well as the reputation of your company.


Client trust is critical in maintaining and growing your business. Gathering of confidential information is an inherent part of the profession. Do you know where that info resides and who has access to it? APS offers solutions to identify and secure that data to ensure your client's trust is not broken. We also offer solutions tailored towards assisting your clients with protecting their brand identity.

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