Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Our specialized consulting services are designed to provide creative solutions to key management challenges. APS staff are trained in formulating strategy, implementation and refinement. This allows us to see things that you may have missed and enable you as a partner with an end-to-end solution. When strategic insight is coupled with our intimate and vast sector knowledge, we’re able to deliver winning strategies that aid you in adding value and growing your business.

We will work collaboratively with you to build a comprehensive strategy to suit your unique business needs, and fit your business operating model and culture. This ensures alignment of key strategic objectives with a carefully prioritized set of short and longer term initiatives, maximizing the strategic results for the targeted spend.

Competitive Assessments address:

  • Strategic priorities
  • Products and services
  • Field/Agency support
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Risk/Security

Operational Enhancement is an element of strategy as it involves examining current activities and evaluating results against the current market. The disruptions occurring in diverse markets are the result of new ways of doing things that better meet customer needs. It is always helpful and frequently necessary to examine operational processes and efficiencies to remain viable.

APS has devised or refined strategy for a wide variety of companies and business units, primarily for the Fortune 500. We have assisted start-ups with their vision, mission, objectives, strategic planning, technology and software procurement, and implementation. We have assisted existing corporations update their objectives and strategy, and have created strategic plans for newly-formed business units. Our broad experience creating strategic direction and converting it into tactical roadmaps, coupled with the multi-faceted expertise of our consultants to deliver value, means you will be delighted throughout the engagement and with the results.

Strategic Planning

Our approach to your strategic direction choices reflects many dimensions of the business enterprise. We consider your vision and mission statements, and your stakeholder worldview. We frequently perform a market evaluation via competitive analysis to determine your competitive position, and review your existing customer experience. We understand and implement benchmarks where appropriate, and do not get caught up with best-in-class until your performance reaches a suitable maturity level. We incorporate organizational analysis, with emphasis on your culture, human resources roles and responsibilities alignment, and change readiness assessments.

Our goal is to give you a sustainable strategic direction that meets or exceeds your objectives.

At an enterprise, business unit, or technology level, our strategy engagement can provide:

  • Review or crafting of vision, mission, and objective statements
  • Five-year plans
  • Market evaluation and competitive positioning
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Rebranding for greater market acceptance
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis
  • Operations, technology, organizational performance and performance measurement
  • Feasibility study
  • Effectiveness review
  • Organizational analysis
  • Change readiness assessment
  • Success measures and metrics
  • Continuous improvement roadmap
  • Transformational process recommendations and roadmap
  • Call center strategy and technology
  • On-line strategy including web, social media, and mobile
  • Technology strategy, including architecture and systems assessments, evaluations and selection
  • Business case
  • Roadmap/Implementation Plan

Strategic Initiative Execution

APS has the knowledge and experience to implement a strategic plan—whether created by us or by you. We can do so on a fully outsourced or staff adjunct basis.

We begin by reviewing your strategy, objectives, and business case. If a roadmap has not been created, we create one; if it has, we review and update. We staff according to the project, and have experienced project managers, subject matter experts, business and technical analysts, designers, developers, trainers, testers, and communications specialists to assist with a successful rollout, on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption.


APS is a full-service consultancy, and operates from a strong management consulting basis. We pride ourselves on our solid business management credentials, an unwavering client service ethic, measurable business results, and the ability to bring to your challenges, a blend of creative thinking and analytical rigor.

Whether charting a strategic direction, developing proprietary systems, customizing third-party applications, or integrating existing technologies, you can rely upon APS to understand the drivers for tool and platform adoption and customer satisfaction.