Data Management & Hosting Services

Data Management & Hosting Services

APS maintains state-of-the-art, high-performance, energy-efficient global data storage centers providing cost-effective, ultra-reliable and secure co-location and data storage services to today’s global entities. APS’s team of dedicated industry experts has over 25 years of experience in successfully designing, constructing and maintaining data centers for the private sector, all of which translates to providing our customers with the highest quality functionality, reliability, security and cost-efficiency in data storage.

The APS global facilities utilize a unique patent pending design configuration providing maximum network and power redundancy, flexible scalability and optimized accessibility to accommodate the ongoing evolution of your data storage needs. Our distinctive design configuration further allows for accelerated business growth, as well as the incorporation of future technological advancements and modifications.

Our global data centers operate at the highest level of efficiency and power protection, employing a new line of innovative advanced power products, patent pending design configurations and local natural resources to ensure that your mission-critical digital assets always remain connected and protected.


Co-location services offer customers the ability to store their own servers in a highly secure, reliable and monitored environment. Co-location customers use existing data center infrastructure to maintain and support their servers. Main and back-up Internet, power and cooling, along with around-the-clock monitoring and available technical support allows customers complete control over their business critical data.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server services offer customers dedicated, leased servers housed in the APS data center. Customers leasing dedicated servers do not have to invest the upfront cost of purchasing a server, but may desire a dedicated server for increased security, flexibility and performance. APS's technical staff can assist with the set-up, maintenance and monitoring of your dedicated servers. Further benefits of off-site hosting with InfoQB include on-site maintenance, handling and monitoring of all hardware and software updates, licenses, internet capacity, backups, power and storage consumption, firewall protection and other on-going technical support required for the security and integrity of data and overall server health.

Virtual Private Servers ("VPS")

Virtual Private Server (“VPS”) services permit customer use of APS's physical servers as a completely independent server housed in the APS data center. Customers share server resources, but with a high degree of privacy. Each customer has an independent operating system and utilizes its own disk space, RAM, CPU and static IP address. VPS services are designed to be an economic solution for customers requiring additional resources and the need to maintain administrative control. VPS’ are commonly used for web and mail servers, backup devices, development environments and gaming servers. All APS VPS services are accompanied by control panels to allow for more simplified server administration.

Backup Service

BackUP PRO is an enterprise grade backup software that operates and backs up data seamlessly in the background. No intervention is required, and BackUP PRO enables users to quickly and easily restore data to any device at any time. BackUP PRO uses 448-bit encryption, one of the most robust encryption methods available. Data files are encrypted before they leave your computers and are transferred to our servers using 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol. BackUP PRO is platform agnostic and its online portal allows users to manage backups according to backup policies and preferences that make sense for your company.