Mobile Strategy & Development

Mobile Strategy & Development

Smartphones: the newest channel for information and activity of all kinds.

Are you using this channel? Should you? What’s appropriate for your company business and profile, for your target markets and for your clients?

If you are not currently invested in the mobile channel, we can evaluate your market and competition to determine if, or when and with what information, you should enter this channel. If our competitive assessment determines you should have a presence, we can provide a roadmap for you, indicating the timing, functionality, content, and cost-benefit for mobile devices.

If you are currently using the mobile channel, at what level are you invested? Is your presence via default—you have a website that is accessible by smartphones? Or have you invested in a dedicated mobile website for customers’ ease of search and purchase? Do you know when the cost of a mobile-dedicated website creates value for you, your company, and your brands? Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of this channel from a value perspective? Call us. It is not too late for you to benchmark against your competition and, if necessary, make corrective moves in this channel that is the first choice of the millennial generation.

In addition to mobile strategy, APS has a track record of mobile design, development, and implementation to execute your roadmap. Our extensive knowledge of other channels, such as the web, social media, and print, coupled with industry knowledge, will assist you to deliver a consistent message and allow your customers to move seamlessly from channel to channel as they invest in your services, products, and company.