Social Media Analytics & Development

Social Media Analytics & Development

Google reports more than 90% of the adult computer-literate population are using social media today.

Can your business leverage social media effectively? Should it?

By utilizing social media, companies can generate more business exposure, increase traffic, provide engaging content, and gain marketing insights. Customers today have more influence and control with a brand than ever before. Prior to the advent of social media, communication about your company, services, and products was unidirectional and controlled; today we must adjust to a bidirectional landscape.

Social media marketing usually costs less and has a better return on investment than traditional marketing channels. As the internet continues to change how customers find, buy, sell and interact with brands, social media can react quickly to changing conditions.

APS understands the social media world and can help you determine what social media outlets would add value to your business, services, products, and brands.

APS offers invaluable expertise in the ever-changing landscape of social media. Our strong strategy practice enables us to evaluate your markets and competition, and to create a roadmap for you, indicating the timing, functionality, outlets, content, staffing, and cost-benefit for social media outlet implementation. In addition to social media strategy, APS has a track record of successful implementation.

Our expertise includes working with the business and marketing to deliver consistent messaging among your channels, and to aid your customers' user experience to move seamlessly from channel to channel.

Our organizational knowledge will assist with setting up the role for active ongoing management of the social media channel. APS can assist you in your social media endeavors, either by advising your staff or through an outsourcing arrangement.