Data Analytics & Marketing Automation

Data Analytics & Marketing Automation

Improved Client Retention and Acquisition

In today’s fast paced, media-driven world, firms need a digital strategy that allows for better ongoing client touch and stronger awareness, reach and conversion of prospects. APS provides essential strategies for growing revenue and increasing market share for both retail and commercial products.

An Integrated Suite of End-To-End Services

APS's digital marketing services are all inclusive, customized to suit unique business needs, and designed to improve online awareness for products and services targeted to specific segments. APS's digital marketing services start with client education and strategy and span client segmentation, multi-channel optimization, creative development, analytics and continuous internal and competitive monitoring and refinement of content and channels.

World Class Analytics

APS's proprietary and advanced data analytics provide a robust mechanism for measuring effectiveness of your marketing strategy, including in-depth analysis of online sites, advertisements, SEO strategies, social media and mobile applications. Over time, APS's analytics enable CFOs to identify predictable revenue by segment and channel based upon marketing spend.

Vertical Solutions – Insurance Companies

Of particular note, APS has developed a comprehensive and robust vertical solution for its insurance clients. The vertical solution for insurance includes:

  • Baseline Analysis – An in-depth review and analysis of a carrier’s current on-line offering
  • Competitive Analysis – Analysis of the online strategies of key competitors, with an emphasis on understanding content and channel strategies
  • "Quick to Market Strategy (QMS)" – Development and presentation of a 90 day plan with responsive site designs to create, tune or overhaul the online offering for a product or division
  • Implementation and Tuning – Execution of the 90 day plan, with an emphasis on metrics and the refinement and tuning of the QMS.
  • Lead Capture and Qualification/Agent Routing – Implementation of a lead capture system, enabling carriers to segment, qualify and appropriately route prospects to agents based on product interest, potential and geography.